Sunday, August 9, 2009


If you pass through this page, and we know you do because there is an embed counter to monitor traffic, nothing serious. it is a numbers only collector and not a tracking widget, I would like you to take an extra few minutes for me and answer a question or nine.

It doesn’t matter if you comment anonymously or with your call back logo because I am only interested in the answers provided.

  1. Are you native born to the Detroit area, a transplant, or currently living somewhere else?

  1. Did you leave Detroit and Michigan and would you move back?

  1. What conditions made you leave and what conditions would have to happen before you would move back?

  1. What is your impression of Detroit, when the word comes up what does your gut tell you?

  1. Compared to where you grew up/live does Detroit compare favorably or unfavorably and briefly why?

  1. Have you ever visited Detroit as a tourist destination? What did you come to see? Did it meet your expectations?

  1. Did you encounter any violence while here either as a resident or a visitor?

  1. What is your impression of the people you met or know in Detroit?

  1. What would it take for Detroit to lose its reputation as a hardcore city?

OK that’s about it. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer and thank you for stopping by. I am working on a few pieces of writing and I am trying a new tact in formulating them. I want the images your answers presented to me to filter through my brain and see what comes out the end of my finger tips.

Be Well and Be Kind

Mark C Durfee


The Walking Man


  1. 1)transplant
    2)industrial, blue collar, tough pride, sad, maligned
    3)Detroit does not have a viable, comfortable night light--outdoor cafes, leisurely strolling, people out socializing (I'm thinking D.C., Chicago, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle. People are outside at night in those cities)
    4)some destinations are great--Fox, Comerica, RenCen & walkway. But the drive past the blight to get to those destinations is depressing.
    5)no personal violence. Saw a shooting once at a motorcylce club house
    6)they are just like people all over the world. Some good, some not so good
    7)get rid of the blocks & blocks of burned houses

  2. 1. Emigrant
    2. N/A
    3. N/A
    4. Scrappy, compelling
    5. Needs mass transit to connect more of metro areas
    6. Super music scene, culture
    7. No violence; minor property theft in 2001
    8. Tough, resilient, gallows humor, resourceful
    9. More people living in city limits, mass transit, more jobs in city, reopen city airport

  3. 1) born in detroit,left in 1983. living in disneyland now ( portland oregon)
    2) you could not pay me to move back
    3) I watched my friends kill themselves with drugs and the quality of life went to shit
    4) my impression of detroit still makes me grin, it was once a wonderful place to live but for the most part the species that inhabit the area are from a different planet. my gut tells me that the quality of life there has turned people into animals. I visit every year and have family and friends that I'm loyal to and would take a bullet for. you can take a boy out of detroit but you cant take the detroit out of the boy

  4. 5) you cannot compare portland to detroit, people here are on a different playing field.
    6) I like to call detroit the paris of the midwest,I brought my wife there on vacation, she cried.
    7) growing up there still shakes my core, many of my friends were murdered and the others are walking wounded. I've been shot at,been in gang fights and have been stomped by a pack of .....
    8) the folks that I know who are are still there are the nicest,loyal, great people. ( but dont cross them )
    9) I hope detroit never loses it reputation, it's a tough place to live and I'm glad I grew up there. best wishes to all who live there, if you want to laugh take a trip to portland. the worst thing that would happen to you is some guy would knock you down and give you a hair-do .

  5. Thanks for the answers they helped.


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