Monday, July 20, 2009

Detroit During Wartime

Detroit has had its share of troubles, especially during wartime. 1812. 1943. 1967. 2009.

1942 was a time of severe housing shortages for emigrant workers in Detroit, especially for African Americans. Here's a photo (courtesy of the Library of Congress) of soldiers with fixed bayonets patrolling the perimeter of the Sojourner Truth Housing Project. Not hard to believe -- not at all.

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  1. It may be time to station a garrison of Federal Troops within the city again.

    BUT just to give the short of the 1942 story, the troops weer brought in to protect blacks moving into the new housing developments from white residents.

    It was the following year they were brought back to put down the race riot of 1943.

    Detroit and environs has been a race hate filled place for a century. Nobody was ever and still is not satisfied in just being able to earn a goddamn living that enabled better for all. So now the end result is no one has a damn thing worth a shit. "Suicide by Self Loathing" is my term for the new reality of what the history teaches us who live here.


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